Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"The Pink City" Jaipur Cuisine

Carrie's mom was nice enough to buy her a Living Social Coupon for Jaipur Royal Indian Cuisine and I graciously accepted an invite to join her. For those of you globally challenged (I admit, I didn't know this either), Jaipur is referred to as the "Pink City" in India.
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Jaipur has gotten great reviews on pretty much every website it has been featured on so I was pretty excited for this meal.
When we sat down they brought us a basket of very thin lentil crackers (I am really not sure what to call them, the best I can describe them) and a red and green sauce to dip. The crackers/bread/whatever were very interesting, definitely had a spicy kick to it. The red sauce was way too sweet for me, and the green sauce was good with a very mild kick- mixed together they were tasty.
If you every go to an Indian Restaurant, I highly recommend you order a Mango Lassi (a wonderfully tasty yogurt and mango drink). Jaipur actually serves a version of the Mango Lassi with rum, which we had to of course try. Sadly it was not as good as we thought, I pretty sure they just put rail rum in, which did not blend well. A flavored rum would have gone perfectly.
We started off our meal with the Vegetable Samosa appetizer $4. This was good, just your typical samosa. Good portions for the price.
Next we got an order of the Lamb (Gosht) Vindaloo $16, typically a spicier dish. Our waiter asked if we were sure that we wanted spice in, and we said yes, but sadly they did not add any kick to it except for the pepper on top. One of the servers asked how we were doing with the spice, we told him there wasn't any, and he brought us out the spice they put in to try. The sauce was spicy but I think that it would have been manageable if it were mixed in with the sauce of the dish. The lamb and the sauce were good. 
The other dish we ordered, which is apparently an original/staple of this place is Murgh Makhini (bbq chicken folded in a rich tomato creamy sauce) $14. I haven't had anything like this, but it has similar features to butter chicken. I really liked this dish though. Not spicy at all for those of you who shy away from spice.
And of course an Indian meal is not complete without a side of naan. It was delicious but I hate how restaurants make you pay for this.
Basmati Rice was also served with the meals, pretty average as far as basmati rice goes.
The decor was themed for the Pink City.
Service was great, we had like 3 waiters, so I kinda lost track of who was who.  The location is a little weird, it is inside an apartment complex, so parking is a little interesting, but there are signs up to tell you where you can park.

The food was good, but I won't be returning here unless I have a coupon as the food is a little pricey, and portions are small. 

Grade: B-

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